The Badass Gear the Dog on the Bin Laden Raid Wore


In case you haven't seen this yet, it's the gear that Cairo, the military working dog that accompanied the SEALs on their mission to kill Osama bin Laden might have been wearing for the raid.

While reports the dog wore titanium covers over his (or her?) fangs might not be accurate, he was likely kitted out with some of this gear from Canadian company called K9 Storm Inc.

As you can see, this dog's vest comes with a day and nighttime camera and a two way radio allowing the dog's handler to see and hear what the dog does and give it commands from afar, even through concrete walls.  Last year, the SEALs gave K9 Storm $86,000 to buy four vests for their dogs. Even the V-rings used to attach items to the bullet and stab-resistant vest are made from a composite that saves a ton of weight (well, 100 or so grams) and is silent compared to metal ones that can clink together, giving away a dog's position.

Read this for more on the company.


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