80 Percent of Gadhafi's Air Force Gone


Here's a nice little summary of the status of Gadhafi's forces after weeks of bombardment by NATO. 80 percent of his air force is gone with only helicopters remaining (I'm not sure why any aircraft remain, but hey, maybe NATO forces really are running low on bombs). Meanwhile, the crazy colonel's army has lost a third of its heavy equipment and half of its ammo stockpiles, France's defense minister, Gerard Longuet, told French lawmakers recently

However, the mighty Libyan Navy (sarcasm there) is still intact.

AFP quotes Longuet as saying:

Only the navy has been spared, but that presents no great danger and its ships have stayed in port where they pose no threat. The anti-air defenses have also been seriously hit.
So, maybe the air campaign against him will work. Yes, NATO's been criticized for moving slowly and so far failing to deliver the knockout blow against Gadhafi but hey give this another two months and there may well be a new regime in charge in Tripoli. Who will make up that regime? Well, that's another story.
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