XM-25 Blast Radius Revealed


The Army just released a new video showing better detail of the XM-25 Counter Defilade Engagement System's 25mm fragmentation round performance.

We've posted video of the system -- which Soldiers who are testing them out in Afghanistan call "The Punisher" -- before, but it never really showed how the weapon shot (it's got a brutal kick), how the targeting system works (laze, add a meter, fire) and how the 25mm round did its work (about the blast of a grenade).


This time there's some good detail. And if you watch closely, you can see how heavy it is, how long it takes to acquire and fire and its relative rate of fire. I'm not sure how much Defense Tech readers have been following our coverage of this program at Kit Up!, but the Army is bullish on this weapon, signing a contract with ATK -- the XM-25's prime -- for about $65 million to build more than the five it has and a bunch more ammo. It's an expensive and slow process right now since each of the H&K-made weapons has to be put together by hand and the ammo is all custom as well.

But our sources -- both in the field and back at HQ -- say this is one gun that delivers what it's supposed to: an extremely accurate counterdefilade capability at the squad level.

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