Wanted: Spooks to Lead Libyan Rabble


Coming on the heels of administration leaks that the CIA's special activities division operators (maybe even sheep-dipped CAG kickers) have been spooled up to go put some kind of cerebral guidance system on the herd of cats that is the fighting arm of the Libyan "Transitional National Council," we saw this report from a tres ballsy Orla Guerin of the BBC from the front lines.

Holy-quagmire Batman! Are we seriously hitching our Arab Spring wagon to these bozos? I bet there are a lot of unanswered phone calls to the SAD types who're giving this one look and saying, "Sorry, I'm gonna sit this one out..." Stand by for a "Plan B" in which Langley calls Blackwater/Xe for some outside help. Would you want to go lead a group of fighters who don't know which end of an RPG-7 to point at the bad guy?

One things for sure: By the look of these guys' tactical acumen and organizational skills, I think it's safe to say this is one group al Qaeda is not involved with.

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