Will Gadhafi Resort to Terrorism to Fight Back?


Here's something that's been on our minds for a few days now. What if Moammar Gadhafi turns to terror strikes as retaliation for the international bombing campaign against his forces?

We all know Gadhafi is no stranger from using such tactics from bombing several European airports and a Berlin nightclub to blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland, the colonel has long used terror as a way of hitting Western governments for perceived slights against his regime.

With his forces being pounded into oblivion by a number of foreign miltaries, who knows what Gadhafi will do. Yes, he gave up his nuclear weapons program years ago. However, Libya is still reported to have tons of chemical weapons stockpiled. Keep in mind, that the colonel has said that his weapons depots are open to loyalists. We don't know what type of weapons, money or combination of both he's giving to potential terrorists. U.S. officials are already worried about this, as they should be.

DT has already discussed the potential for the weapons looted by rebels to make their way to conflicts around the world. This situation could be made far worse if Gadhafi deliberately arms bad organizers in one last spite-ridden effort to hurt the West.

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