New Details on Russia's T-95 Tank Emerge


Check this out. These grainy images are supposedly pictures of the prototype of Russia's T-95 tank which was to have been the basis for a 21st Century Russian armor fleet. Moscow is said to have scrapped funding for the tank last year yet still withheld most details of the behemoth. However, thanks to a tipster, DT has some speculative info on the beast.

From what I've been able to learn from a translated data sheet found on the website, Tankpower.

Apparently, the vehicle, which Russian defense officials apparently envisioned as a "fundamental leap forward" in Russian armor, features a completely automated turret with its 152-millimeter main gun being fed via autoloader, leaving the entire crew in the heavily armored front section of the tank's hull, separated from the turret by blast walls. All of this is done in an effort to dramatically increase crew survivability in the event of an anti-tank round piercing the turret. It looks like the Ruskies were also working to protect the tanks weapons from being taken out easily; the gun's auto-loader is set high above the turret's floor to minimize the risk of being taken out by an anti-tank mine.  Fuel cells are also kept separate from the turret area in an effort to keep a round that penetrates the turret from igniting the tanks fuel.

The beast was also supposed to come with a digital information management system, showing the crew how many rounds of ammunition are left, fuel levels and the overall health of the tank. The T-95 was also supposed to be able to share information with other tanks in battlefield formations, kind of like the U.S.' net-centric approach to fighting.

Here are some more images of the tank. Have additional details? Share em in the comments.

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