Design Flaw May Have Caused F-35 Generator Failure


So, seven of the 10 F-35 test jets have been cleared to resume flying after two generators failed in an F-35A during a test flight last week.

The generator failure was caused by a "design artifact" that was unique to the new versions of the planes and investigations continue into the cause of the incident, according to Reuters. This means the three newest F-35 test jets will remain grounded until the issue is completely resolved.

We'll see how fast they can fix this "design artifact" (you mean a part, guys?) and get the new jets up in the air. The issue being that they'll have to implement this fix into all the new planes currently on the production lines. Hopefully, if won't have too much of a ripple effect on the production process. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

One of the older Air Force test jets cleared to fly again has already taken to the skies at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

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