Libyan Rebels May Have Used a MiG-23 to Sink Two of Gadhafi's Warships


This is wild, Reuters is reporting that rebels flying a MiG-23 fighter jet and a helicopter may have sunk two Libyan warships and destroyed numerous government tanks.

If these reports are true, a big if, then it looks like the rebels are finally starting to get some air support of their own.

From Reuters very brief article on this:

The Brnieq online newspaper quoted an unnamed airforce officer at the Benina airbase in Benghazi as saying the two aircraft also bombed an unspecified number of tanks near Brega and Ajdabiya, two towns that fell to pro-Gaddafi forces on Tuesday.
Who knows, maybe rebellious Libyan air force factions will rise up and create their own no-fly zone over Tripoli? Show Full Article

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