Amphibs, Carriers and Command Ships Responding to Japanese Tsunami


Here's a quick rundown of the tech the U.S. military is sending to help in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami that just hit Japan. From a Pentagon news release:

  • The USS Tortuga, in Sasebo, Japan, is preparing to load landing craft and to leave for the disaster areas as early as this evening.
  • The USS Essex, with the embarked 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, arrived in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, this morning. The ship is preparing to depart as early as this evening.
  • The USS Blue Ridge, in Singapore, is taking on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief supplies and preparing to depart tomorrow morning.
  • The USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group, at sea in the western Pacific on its way to Korea, can respond if directed.
So far, there are no reports of U.S. military casualties or major damage to American military equipment in Japan.

Here's a Pentagon update on the impact to U.S. military installations in the region:

  • Ships in port in Yokosuka stationed linehandlers to adjust to water-level changes in Yokosuka harbor. No damage has been reported to any of the ships.
  • Ships in Guam have been directed to leave if possible, or to recall personnel and adjust lines during changes in sea level.
  • Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force headquarters in Misawa was briefly evacuated. It is without power and operating from a generator.
  • Amphibious Force headquarters in White Beach, Okinawa, moved its watch to higher ground at Kadena Air Base in preparation for a forecasted tsunami.
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