No Spending Bill Means USMC Could Lose A Third of Weapons Cash in '11


So, if congress fails to pass a 2011 defense spending bill, the Marine Corps will be in a world of hurt when it comes to weapons buys.

faced with the prospect of operating under a so called, Continuing Resolution, a bill that would maintain DoD funds at FY-10 levels, Marine Corps Commandant James Amos told lawmakers this week that the corps will have to make numerous, and potentially "catastrophic" sacrifices in terms of acquisitions. Basically, the Corps would lose up to a third of its acquisition cash for 2011; about $563 million.

According to DoDBuzz, on the chopping block are:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in his prepared remarks that a CR would “prevent equipment replacement or purchase of 4 H-1 helicopters, numerous LAVs, MTVRs, LVSRs; tech upgrades to counter IED jammers; communication and intelligence equipment; tactical fuel systems to power our vehicles and generators; engineering equipment to move ammo, gear and supplies; air conditioners and heaters to take care of Marines and sensitive gear; and EOD improvements to protect them.”
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