Gates: Enforcing A No Fly Zone Would Mean Air Strikes in Libya


So we've all been seeing reports over the past few days about how the U.S. is considering a no-fly zone over Libya and then reports saying the Pentagon is downplaying such an option.

Well, Defense Secretary Robert Gates today said that such an operation would be much more than just shooting down a couple of Libyan MiGs and urged everyone to just calm down about the kinetic option with regard to Libya.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is sharpening his words of caution about providing air cover for Libyan rebels, telling a U.S. congressional committee that establishing a no-fly zone would have to begin with an attack on Libyan territory.

Such an attack would be designed to destroy the North African country's air defense weapons.

Gates went on to warn that such an operation would require more than just one aircraft carrier and said he's concerned about all the "loose talk" about a no-fly zone. Still, he added, if the word is given for such an operation, the military can definitely do it.

Here's what Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead had to say on the matter yesterday.

Here's the Gates article.

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