Iran Claims to Have Its Own Carrier Killer Missile


Speaking of carrier killers, Iran now claims to be developing its own fleet of anti-carrier ballistic missiles. Too bad they don't exactly sound like they can hold U.S. carriers at risk, since their range is about 185 miles.

From AFP:

Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, who heads the elite military force, the Revolutionary Guards, said the missile had a range of 300 kilometres (185 miles).

"Iran is mass producing a smart ballistic missile for sea targets with a speed three times more than the speed of sound," Jafari was quoted as saying by state news agency IRNA.

He said the missile was "undetectable and can't be neutralised by enemies," without specifying the name. "It has very high precision in destroying targets," Jafari added.

A smart, undetectable, impossible to kill ballistic missile that can hit a moving target, eh?.

I mean, they've got missiles like the Shahabs which have a range of up to 1,200 miles and may have the ability to avoid anti ballistic missile systems. But, can any of those missiles hit a moving ship? Even if this missile exists, the easy solution to avoiding them is to park the carriers just out of range of the missiles. At least, until the missile sites can be taken out. However, if this missile is someday put on an Iranian missile boat, then that's another story.

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