Chinese Aircraft Carrier Moves...Not Quite


So, is this video posted by the Wall Street Journal a clip of the ex-Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag slowly moving at the Dalian shipyard in China or is it actually film of a moored Varyag (Shi Lang) being shot from a ship that's moving? Funny how there's not so much as a ripple being generated by a ship that big supposedly moving through the water. Oh and look at the mooring lines coming off the carrier's bow at the 17 second mark.

Gotta love how whoever made the video put in some shots of the Varyag's sister ship, the Admiral Kuznetsov underway, just for effect. And man, they added a killer soundtrack.

While the former Varyag was recently photographed with smoke coming from it's stack, I'm pretty darn skeptical of this video.

Speaking of the Varyag, it's got (sensor) balls.

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