USAF: Some Gorgon Stare Problems Fixed

The Air Force says three of the problems with its Gorgon Stare UAV camera system, according to DoDBuzz.

Apparently, reports that the system suffered from numerous problems “was a draft memo that was later revised in January," Buzz cites an Air Force spokesman as saying. The problems identified by Pentagon weapon testers are not likely to delay the fielding of the system, according to the service.

Still, the project won't be fielded until commanders downrange accept that it will work as promised:

“The January memo includes three issues that we have identified and have fixes in place. The first was addressing critical Technical Order shortfalls; the second was Gorgon Stare Ground Station image and grid coordinate generation; and the third was Remote Video Terminal compatibility. We’re working all three issues and do not believe they will affect the deployment schedule.
“Air Force leadership understands the importance of providing quick, timely and actionable ISR for the field. Gorgon Stare will not be fielded until the theater commander accepts it.

“The Air Force takes its responsibility seriously because lives depend on the quality of the intelligence products that are produced.”

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