What Will the Moscow Airport Bombing Mean for Airport Security?


The debate has begun on what's going to happen to airport security in light of this morning's awful bombing at Moscow's Domededovo airport.

Mainly, the discussion will center around how to best secure the arrivals section of airports, long light on security compared to departures. Key to that debate will be the question; how does a government provide security while ensuring that people have the ability to easily pick up arriving travelers?

Maybe this means metal detectors at the doors to the arrivals section or checkpoints even further away from airports. We'll see.

Here's an excerpt from an article on CNN.com citing security expert Will Geddes and journalist Richard Quest both of whom predict increased checkpoints:

Geddes, though, says tighter restrictions surrounding the arrivals hall are inevitable.

"There's got to be some sort of rendezvous point, but perhaps you will see airports trying to control the numbers of people in that area, by partitioning it, or staggering the meeting points.

"You'll see better security controls to get into the meeting area, but also a higher visibility of security staff on the arrivals side, because there is a perception that security stops at customs, and that is likely to change."

And Quest said airports may begin screening people who come to meet friends and family at arrivals.

"What will happen is that the barrier will get further and further back, so no longer is it just at departures, but at the airport door, or in some cases on the road as you drive up to the terminal.

"In some places, like at Ben Gurion in Israel, you have a security checkpoint way down the road, even before you get to the terminal. That is going to be the future."

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