More Pics of Chinese Stealth Fighter Surface


Well, some new pics of the supposed J-XX/J-20 Chinese stealth fighter have emerged over at Alert 5. The images give a much better view of the airframe, although, they still don't reveal the inner workings of the beast. Speaking of beasts, that's a big fighter. It looks (in my very unscientific photo-analysis) to be a bit longer than an F-22. And who knows what type of engines those are or if they're capable of thrust vectoring.

Rumor has it that production versions of plane will feature many fifth-gen prerequisites: Glass cockpit with one giant, re-programmable display; thrust vectoring engines, possibly the Chinese-designed 28,000-pound WS-10 engines or Russia's 30,000-pound Salyut 99M2 engines; it's also supposed to feature extensive fly by wire controls and a 3D HUD. Again, this is rumint.

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