Greatest Tank Battles of all Time


The Military Channel is set to debut a pretty cool series on Jan. 5 examining the most famous tank battles of all time.

Filmed on battlefields across the world, the series uses stunning, ultra-realistic CGI animation to recount the step-by-step maneuvers used in the most colossal combats from the last century.  In each episode, viewers witness the gritty realism and experience the thunderous tanks from perspectives never before possible.  Coupled with first-hand accounts from the eyes of the very soldiers who manned the guns and guided the monster machines, this new original series puts viewers right in the heat of the action and inside the tank’s atmosphere.
Watching some of the media previews, I think this marketing speak is a bit hyperbolic...the GCI is not "stunning" or "ultra-realistic" -- it reminds me more of a computer tank fighting game from the discount rack at Target, than a Dreamworks production. But it's the Military Channel, after all.

What is impressive from the episodes I've seen, however, are the first person interviews of the crews in some of those tanks. Listening to on the ground memories from a Syrian officer on what he saw looking down the Golan at his Israeli counterpart is awesome.

The series examines nine battles (one of them is divided into two parts) making for ten episodes. I'm not going to identify the battles they look into here because I want to see which epic tank battles our Defense Tech readers think the Military Channel should have focused on.

So list out your top 10 tank battles in the comments, and by the end of the week I'll reveal what Military Channel went with (and no cheating please for those of you who might have access to the actual list)...

I'll start with two of the battles they profile: The Battle of 73 Easting (Desert Storm) and the Battle for the Golan in '73.

The series begins January 5 from 2200-2300 EST.

-- Christian

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