New Russian Uniforms Making Ivan Sick

Usually it's the look of designer-made duds that make people sick. Watch 10 minutes of Project Runway if you don't believe me.

But AFP reports that aparently the fancy new fashion designer made Russian military uniforms are sending troops standing guard on Red Square (and other places) to the sick bay.

Russia's sharp new military uniforms, created by a top fashion designer, have landed hundreds in hospital after proving too thin to withstand the ferocious winter cold, a state daily said Wednesday.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that between 60 and 250 servicemen have been laid up with everything from flu to pneumonia as Arctic chills sweep through the country's northern reaches.

"They literally felt naked outside," the paper quoted the mother of one soldier as saying. "Many of them ended up in hospital. Ours developed pneumonia," she said of her son.

The designs by Russian fashion maven Valentin Yudashakin harken back to the Czarist era and are "more shapely and chic," the story says.

Apparently, Russian army officers didn't like the first post-Soviet uniform redesign because the story says it made them look like a third-world military.

I say, if the shoe fits...?

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-- Christian

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