Microsoft's Iranian Nuke Connection


Stuxnet exploited weaknesses in Windows 7. Windows 7 is made by Microsoft. Microsoft is based in the United States. Stuxnet hit computers running Windows 7 in Iran. Those computers were being used to help Iran make nuclear materials.

Just sayin.

Is it a secret way of infiltrating our enemies systems as some in the comments suggest this post is meant to say?Probably not.

Is it an interesting anecdote about our globalized economy that shows one of the most famous U.S. companies' products is being used for a program the U.S. is dead-set on shutting down. Yes.

It's especially interesting when all we hear about are the sanctions and other efforts being levied against Iran aimed at halting the country's nuclear ambitions.

Of course we don't want to restrict the sale of Windows around the world. This is just one of those unavoidable occurances that makes you stop for a second in the midst of a serious story and say, "how bout that."  And a blog, which this is, is a great forum to air such things.

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