15 Percent of All Internet Traffic Secretly Rerouted Through China


By Kevin Coleman – DefenseTech Cyber Warfare Correspondent 

Cyber security specialists say they have proof that back in April up to 15 percent of global Internet traffic was hijacked and rerouted through China. 

In April, China’s state-controlled telecommunications company redirected this non-trivial portion of the world’s Internet traffic through their information infrastructure. The redirected traffic was said to include information from “U.S. military, civilian organizations and that of U.S. allies. "

What has increased the concern over this incident is the fact that China’s state-controlled telecommunications provider was able to handle this massive amount of traffic/data and continue to retransmit it back out again without anyone having a noticeable slow-down or disruption in the service. Some security experts point out that encryption could not have ensured the integrity of the redirected data.

This is believed to be the first time that the severity of this incident has been publicly discussed. What will the response by U.S. and other world leaders. One thing is for certain, this is one cyber event worth following closely!

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