Cyber Intelligence – the Key to All Cyber Operations


By Kevin Coleman -- DefenseTech Cyber Warfare Correspondent 

Military and intelligence organizations around the world are now in a race to create cyber intelligence capabilities. The need for a robust cyber capabilities have been heightened due to a number of recent cyber events including the Stuxnet incident. While open sources provide a significant amount of information about this new threat, establishing cyber intelligence sources is no small task. In addition to establishing reliable sources for cyber intelligence as well as the processes needed to disseminate this type of intelligence, what is needed is a full set of automated analysis tools. 

Like their counterparts and allies, the U.S. military and Intelligence Community are now focused on gathering, analyzing and applying cyber intelligence. In early November, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced it would soon establish its own cyber manager. ODNI’s Cyber Manager will be directed to improve cyber intelligence through the push toward a better common operating picture of cyber security. The role will be further expanded in some of the Defense Department's budget and intelligence responsibilities as part of a move toward a national intelligence program that includes cyber intelligence.

FACT: Multiple Job Boards for professionals with active security clearances have multiple listings for cyber intelligence analysts.

Cyber intelligence will include the Digital DNA intelligence collected from cyber weapons used in past attacks, as well as an assessment of the cyber capabilities of nations, terrorist groups and even criminal organizations. Added to that data will be the who, what, where, when and even why behind cyber attacks that have occurred around the world.

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