Just When You Thought the V-22 Was Out of the Woods

Defense Tech friend and sometimes contributor Bob Cox, who works for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and writes for their Sky Talk blog, forwarded a post today that'll make Osprey haters jump for joy.

According to a mishap investigation stemming from an in-air engine failure near Kirtland Air Force Base in March, the V-22 has a known problem with the secure installation of the central de-icing system.

Insidedefense.com reports:

"Multiple deficiency and analysis reports reveal that the design of the CDD mounting assembly is inadequate in enabling the CDD mounting components . . . to optimally withstand the vibratory and centrifugal forces that exist during engine and flight operations."

It seems that this was a known problem and that about 50 of the active 120 aircraft now operational have fixes installed.

Get ready for heavy rolls as the anti-Osprey crew -- most of whom have never flown one in a combat environment -- serve out heaping doses of "I told you sos" to those of us who would rather fly in an Osprey in a war zone than any other rotorcraft...

-- Christian

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