How Can You be Afraid of These Guys?

"Oh no, Iran's going to get the bomb and nobody's going to do anything about it..."

"You think Iraq was tough, just try to go up against the Iranian military..."

I know, I know...There's plenty of reason why the US should avoid any military conflict with Iran over its nuclear program (assuming they even have one). The pitfalls of a kinetic conflict are too numerous to count.

But if the latest pics of the Iranian military parade commemorating the Iran/Iraq war are any indication, the real threat from Tehran is suspect from a conventional military sense. I mean, how embarrassed would you be sitting in that tin can torpedo stolen from a 1930s Buck Rogers set wearing a surplus Korean War Frogman suit? It's absurd...

But, I gotta give the Persian Mullahs credit, they sure know how to trick out a four-wheeler!

-- Christian

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