China Calls For End to Pentagon’s Annual PLA Military Assessment


Yesterday, the newly appointed spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry, Geng Yansheng, said the Pentagon’s annual report on Chinese military modernization “ignored objective facts,” exaggerated the Chinese threat to Taiwan and was not beneficial to improved Sino-U.S. ties.

"China's military development is reasonable and appropriate, and is aimed to protect its national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, as well as keep apace with the rapid military development in the world.

"We ask the U.S. side to view China's national defense and military build-up from an objective and just perspective, put an end to comments and conduct that might compromise mutual trust between Chinese and U.S. military forces, and stop issuing the so-called Chinese military and security development report, so to create a favorable environment for the improvement and development of Sino-U.S. military relations," Geng said.

The spokesman said China’s modernization is normal for a country of its size and that it pursues a purely defensive security policy and will neither enter into an arms race nor threaten militarily another country.

-- Greg Grant

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