Army Recalls More Than 13K Armor Plates


Our own Christian Lowe has an exclusive story on the Army's recall of some 13,000 armor plates:

"The Army has issued a recall of more than 13,000 bullet-stopping armor plates, saying the ballistic plates "were not made according to specification" and ordering Soldiers to inspect their armor and exchange any plates that are part of the recall.

According to Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jimmie Cummings, the Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts being recalled were made by Chandler, Ariz.-based ArmorWorks and feature beveled edges that were not part of the specs outlined by the Army in its contract with the company.

But the Army is quick to say that the recalled plates do not represent a threat to Soldiers' safety and the design flaw does not affect overall ballistic resistance capability.

The flawed plates were discovered during routine inspections when Soldiers turned in their armor after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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