Dissident Web Site Reports Kim Jong Il Ordered North Korean Military Prepare for Combat


According to this Bloomberg report, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il broadcast a message last week to the North Korean military telling it to prepare for combat. The content of that broadcast, that Kim issued apparently issued a warning order to his military, first hit wires last night.

A web site run by former computer scientists who have defected from the North, called North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, reported the broadcast. South Korean officials said they couldn't confirm the report because Kim broadcast the message on a closed circuit radio the South can't monitor.

Of course, threats from Kim are nothing new. But with South Korea and the U.S. preparing for joint naval exercises near where the Cheonan was sunk by a North Korean torpedo on March 26, things could easily get out of hand as the uber-paranoid and rather nutty Kim feels backed against a wall.

-- Greg Grant

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