Containerized Cruise Missile Featured in Slick Marketing Video (Updated)

Updated: Rats, looks like the Russian firm deleted the video from YouTube. Hopefully it will resurface at some point. Here's a screen capture of the vid. And it reappears. (Thanks GF!)

Continuing with the anti-access, area-denial (A2/AD) theme, this marketing video has been making the rounds. It comes from Kontsern-Morinformsistema-Agat, a Russian company that claims to be building a new cruise missile system, the Club-K, that can be hidden inside a standard 40-foot shipping container.

According to this Reuters news story, the missiles at least are the real deal, coming from Russian builder Novator. The article contains some breathless quotes from a writer for Jane’s Defense Weekly; including the claim that the shipping container missile is a “carrier killer.” This is getting to be like the tech world where every new mobile gadget is labeled a potential “iPhone killer.”

They’ve definitely put together an impressive looking marketing vid (that bizarrely starts off with the theme from "Born Free" and finishes up with "Gladiator") showing the containerized missiles innocuously moved about on a semi, a railcar and a merchant vessel, only to unleash its payload on an unsuspecting enemy. Oddly, the targeted enemy appears to be outfitted with American tanks, helicopters and aircraft, minus any identifying markings of course.

-- Greg

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