Iranian S-300 SAMs, Or a Bunch of Oil Drums Welded Together?


Israel has let it be known that it regards Iran's acquisition of the Russian built S-300 surface-to-air missile system, considered roughly equivalent to the Patriot missile, to be a red line that would likely prompt an Israeli aerial attack. Iran placed an order for the S-300 (NATO designation SA-20) way back in 2005, but Russia says the SAMs are on backorder and has no idea when or if they'll become available.

Well, Aviation Week's David Fulghum spotted something fishy in a photo from Iran's Army Day parade in Tehran that took place on Sunday. The vehicle in the picture is a Bakr-series tank carrier with what looks to be 55-gal. drums welded together and painted to resemble S-300 launchers, he says.

Below the jump, the Moscow parade version. You make the call.

-- Greg

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