Indian Military Goes to Defcon High Cyber Alert


By Kevin Coleman Defense Tech Chief Cyber War Correspondent

The Indian Military’s Computer Emergency Response Team issue a cyber alert to government organizations and prominent corporations in India warning them of the possibility that they may be the targets of large-scale cyber attacks. The report went as far as to state that the Indian Army organizations have been advised not to directly connect to the Internet, and the warning is also said to state that attacks may originate from any part of the world, but clearly the suspicion is that Chinese hackers are behind them.

Also included in the report was the following specific recommendation: effective measures must be taken to protect networks from data-thefts, "distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS)'', paralyzing computer viruses and the like. In fact, one source stated that the Indian Military is now on HIGH ALERT and stands ready to repel any acts of cyber aggression and more.

This action came on the heels of Canadian and American cyber security researchers released a report titled "Shadows in the Cloud," that said cyber espionage organizations located in China had hacked classified documents over a lengthy period of time from several Indian defense and security organizations.

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