JSF Chief's Career Crashes, Another Plane Takes Off

Our good friend Bob Cox who writes on the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Sky Talk blog recognized the irony yesterday in the brutal flogging of the JSF program by SecDef Gates and yet another JSF test plane taking to the sky at virtually the same moment.

One day after being publicly chastised, if you will, by the secretary of defense for its lack of performance on the F-35 joint strike fighter, Lockheed Martin got its fifth F-35 test airplane in the air Tuesday for the first time.

First flight of the F-35B model  (BF-3) short-takeoff and vertical landing jet had been held up for several days by the recent spate of cold, overcast weather.

I betcha MGEN Heinz wishes he could blame his troubles on the weather.

Read the rest of Bob's post here. And all you JSF addicts, be sure to keep tabs on his blog...he's like the Rainman of all things JSF.

-- Christian

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