Corps Keeps Buying Growlers (The Jeep Kind)


More perusal of the service budgets reveal details of the Corps interest in the Internally Transportable Vehicle, a modernized version of the Jeep Willy that is designed to fly in the belly of an Osprey. 

The Corps' original plan was to pair this mini-me vehicle with the Expeditionary Fire Support System 120mm mortar and storm them Warsaw Pact style off the backs of the Osprey's diminutive loading bay. But many doubt that capability (I for one have never seen it tested and I can't imagine having flown a lot in Ospreys that the entire suit can fit in the cargo bay). 

Yet the Corps keeps buyin' 'em. 

According to the budget submission, the Corps wants to pay General Dynamics of St. Petersburg, Fla., $28 million to purchase 73 ITVs in the Light Attack Vehicle configurations -- in other words, not the 120mm towing version. 

Funds will support procurement of 73 ITV Light Strike Vehicles (LSV). The vehicles will be fielded to support upcoming Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) deployments to OEF. The procurement will also support production line activities used for the Expeditionary Fire Support System ( EFSS). The combined procurement of the ITV and EFSS prime mover platforms will allow production line operations to continue until the EFSS needs are fully satisfied. The unit costs for the ITV variants are impacted based on quantity differences and the negotiated prices derived from the negotiations. 
I know there's a lot of caveats here, but that comes out to around $380K per vehicle. Some of the money is being used for spares and other support costs, but if I'm reading the documents right (page 285) it looks as if the base cost for each ITV is around $273,000. That's a lot of jack for an unarmored max-4-man minijeeep.

Better have some Corinthian Leather seats, burled wood paneling and full DVD/GPS entertainment system with Bose boosters for that kind of coin.

-- Christian

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