Oodles of Grenade Guns for Joes in 2011


You'll remember that we reported the initial fielding of the XM320 side-loading H&K 40mm grenade launcher last summer. Well, a look at the current budget docs shows the Army is asking for $38 million to purchase over 9,000 of the guns both using regular procurement funds and so-called "overseas contingency operations" funds.

Documents show the Army has already budgeted for about 12,000 of the guns since 2009.

There's also money in the budget for the XM26 modular shotgun, you'll remember we gave this a whirl a few years ago and got (not much of) a real kick out of the idea. The Army bought about 5,000 of the shotguns in 2009, none in 2010, and is asking for 3,600 in 2011.

Anyone out there who's used this system, ping us at the Tip Line or in the comments section and let us now how it works.

-- Christian

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