Desertico Italiano


Unable to resist the draw of cool new camouflage patterns, I was drawn like from a Death Star tractor beam to the small setup belonging to a company called Special Operations Department -- an inartful name, for sure, until you meet the product technical manager Max Valente and realize his company is Italian.

Max showed me an interesting pattern his company developed for the Italian special operations forces called Vegicam. He wouldn't let me take a pic of the scheme and the only reason he talked about it was because I was snooping around his display and pulled a shirt in the Top Secret camo out of his duffel bag.

The camo was basically like a digitized multicam, but Valente said his camo is deployed to Afghanistan and "works much better than the MultiCam." I asked him how he could say that and he just said photosimulation tests have proven it. Sorry I can't provide a photo, but suffice it to say the camos I'm seeing here emulate the Crye colors, but veer away from the organic shapes.

Valente also pointed out his Desertico scheme, which is pictured above, and his intriguing Hybrid Coyote Sage solid color that he said spec ops and gendarmerie units wanted as an alternative to blatantly military patterns, particularly for PSD missions and semi-covert operations in town. All materials are Nomex FR.


Maybe some of the secret squirrel US types "shopping" here will be interested in this gear.

-- Christian

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