Gimme Some Skin!


You know the world has totally gone to hell in a handbasket when you see a company developing a weapon out of something as innocuous as a ballpoint pen.

I got a note yesterday from a good friend of mine about a new product from Campco which owns the "Uzi" brand. It's called the "TacPen" and it looks more like a railroad spike than a ink-streaming quill. The TacPen sports a rugged, weighty body made of high-grade aircraft alluminum and comes with two different crown attachemts designed not only to throw some hurt on an attacker, but also to lock him (or her) behind bars when the doing's done.

The most unique feature of the pen is that it employs the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen.  The sharpened crown on the end can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which will not only cause extreme pain, but it will also collect the aggressors’ DNA which can be used for future identification.
Ouch! It looks to me like the perfect defensive tool for a journalist, proving the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" true. But it might not be a good idea to take it to your next human resources meeting...

-- Christian

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