How Was Your First Firefight?

Came across this interesting little video from the Pentagon's mega list of multimedia coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan and thought it was worth sharing with the BTDTs on Defense Tech.

I love the idea that before becoming an Army infantryman, this guy was a rodeo clown.

An honest interview of a private's first taste of some bang-bang.

So what was your first firefight like? My first time being shot at was in Afghanistan in 2004. I was on a 5-day patrol with some Joes from the 1st of the 501st and we were eating lunch with a border checkpoint commander when we heard a loud explosion. One of our uparmored Humvees had been RPGed and we rushed out to meet up with the screening patrol to assist. As we were barreling down the mountain in our Humvee we were being shot at with high caliber rounds. Then we dismounted and began to call in air and got plinked at for a little bit longer.

It was exhilerating at the time, but as soon as it was over my mouth was bone dry and I had to take a crap. And tha's been the exact same reaction every time I've ever been in a firefight since.

So join Private Stafinski and tell us what your first time was like...

-- Christian

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