New Army Camo First Shots and New Brit Pattern

Okay Okay...I hear you!

Lots of people hitting me on the tipline about the Brits' new cammo...Whoa! Caleb Crye is about to become a rich man, huh? Can't wait to see what his booth looks like at SHOT Show (hopefully he'll do a better job of talking to reporters this time since lots of Gov money is heading his way).

Anyway, BBC is reporting that the British Army has adopted a UK version of MultiCam MultiCam to replace its 40 y/o woodland Disruptive Pattern Material. That's freaking HUGE!

The new uniform looks as if it has the distinctive traits of Brit duds: the vertical pockets with buttons, large belt loops, tuck in styling. Seems that they built their own uniform out of a customized MultiCam material.

It's just amazing to me that the Brits did this -- and seemingly so suddenly. I wonder how this will affect the Army's camo wrangling? Is it possible to how two major allies with the same (or very similar) camo scheme? I know there are a lot of 3rd world armies with BDUs, but having US and UK troops operating side-by-side with nearly the same camo would be amazing. Maybe this will weigh the Army against adopting MultiCam for its new UCP.

And on that note, I spent three hours at PEO Soldier on Friday afternoon discuss a couple gear issues with officials there, including the latest on the Afghanistan camo experimentation. I'll roll out what I learned over the next couple days (so keep tuning in over the Christmas break) but I thought I'd post a video from CNN where my good friend Barbara Starr seems not to know what she's got.

Doing a package on Taliban arms and fighter smuggling, she never realized the troops she was filming (or if she knew, she didn't say anything) were from the 3rd of the 61st -- the unit which was sent the UCP-D uniforms. The irony here was she was at the briefing at the Pentagon with us when the Army announced the experiment with UCP-D and MultiCam. She waltzed in there late, demanded a few on camera questions for her package -- interrupting our good friend from Army Times Matt Cox, who delivered her a "I'm still getting my question clarified, thank you!" response.

Babs left in a huff, demanding from Army PAOs her own mini-briefing so the all-important CNN could get their big new break of the day.

After all those hystrionics, at least as far as I can tell, there's no notice from CNN that what they caught was the first known footage of Soldiers wearing a never before worn camo pattern in Afghanistan.

And it looks pretty darned good, I must say.

I'll have more about this issue in the coming days, including why you'll probably notice that the Joes don't have the UCP-D helmet covers on their lids (nor UCP-D chest rig).

(Gouge: PEO Soldier)

-- Christian

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