Cyber Arms Control

The subject of international cyber arms control (ICAC) has risen in conversation around the beltway and beyond, and it's an issue has polarized many in the technical and policy making communities. 

The argument among experts revolves around whether an international cyber arms control treaty might reduce the plethora of criminal and national security threats, while promoting greater cyber security for all.  The very first argument is that cyber crime should be handled separately than cyber warfare and cyber terrorism. 

Once you get past that, there are those that firmly believe it is critical that an ICAC be developed and implemented as soon as possible given the increases we have seen in cyber attacks, cyber crime and the growing fear of cyber terrorism.  Those opposed to the idea feel that implementing a cyber arms control treaty will be difficult and enforcing it will be nearly impossible due to the facts that no special materials are needed to create cyber weapons and all that is needed to manufacture a cyber weapon is a creative technical person and a computer that is connected to the Internet.  The opposition is quick to point out that compliance verification and ongoing monitoring would require a level of openness for inspection that few governments would find acceptable.

What do you think?:

-- Kevin Coleman

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