IMINT: French Fashion Mavens Model MultiCam



Or is it?

This guy's clearly wearing MultiCam and has all the high-speed identifiers that a US trooper would wear. I can't seem to find a high-rez version of this photo, which itself is a mystery, but given the story that surrounds the photo and context of that area of Afghanistan, I'm leaning heavily toward an adoption by at least some groups of French military (their version of the PJs) of MulitCam uniforms.

In this photo released by the French Army, Nato French soldiers evacuate wounded from Tagab, Afghanistan, Monday Nov. 16, 2009. Insurgents fired two rockets Monday into a crowded market northeast of Kabul where the head of French forces in Afghanistan held a meeting with tribal elders. The attack killed at least twelve and wounded 20 other people, the French military said. (AP / HO / ADC Jean-Charles Thorel)
The only thing that makes me pause, is that I reported a while back that USAF PJs were wearing MultiCam combat uniforms in the AO. This guy could be a PJ but I can't see enough of the helo and am skeptical that an AF bubba would be sporting Rock Star hair and a hillbilly beard. Wouldn't look too good with the rest of his pals at the Bagram Links.

So help me with this dear readers...who is this guy?

-- Christian

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