Grim Wanat Footage



Warning folks, this will get your blood boiling. And you talk about a flashback to 1986...

An alert DT reader tipped me off to this video reportedly taken by Taliban insurgents before and during the assault on Wanat. Looking at it makes you wonder how the US base wasn't totally overrun given the insurgents' commanding attack position and the interlocking fields of fire.

These were clearly tactically savvy, well disciplined militants who'd done their homework. My question is how were they even allowed to setup on the outpost in the first place? Where's the overwatch? Where are the patrols?

See the video package HERE.

On another note, I have been pushing to get the Ganjgal report from ISAF and just received word that the investigation isn't complete. I'll keep on it, but if anyone has better intel on that please use the "SEND IT" button to the left...

-- Christian

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