(Proof) The Osprey Has Landed


In case you all haven't seen it, we have a proof of life that the Osprey has indeed landed in Helmand (though I can't tell if 10 have actually landed -- or maybe it's shot on the same set as the American moon landing was staged...?)

I did notice that the Remote Guardian system is not installed at least on the ones you can see in the footage. I can't get the Marine Corps to cough up a straight answer on what the status is of that system they said would be capable for the Afghanistan deployment.

Best line: "It's kind of like going from a VW bus to a Maserati..."

As someone who owned a Westy for a while, I can definitely relate.

I'm sure we'll soon have more operational footage from the deployment, and when we come across it, it'll be here.

-- Christian

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