BREAK-BREAK: Units to Get New Camo Revealed



I'm set to post a new story on with exclusive details on which units have received the two different camo patterned uniforms the Army is experimenting with in Afghanistan.

Defense Tech is the first site to reveal this information, which comes from a quick interview this morning with PEO Soldier's Col. Bill Cole.

According to Cole, the 3rd Squadron of the 61st Cavalry Regiment has already been issued the UCP-Delta duds, including a new chest rig developed for Natick and patterned in the UCP-D. And if you're one of the lucky Joes in the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, you'll be getting a whole ensemble of the U.S. military's  most popular camo pattern: MultiCam.

Cole said the service used rapid equipping force funds to purchase plate carriers in MultiCam and each Soldier will be issued molle gear patterned in Crye's colors.

Both battalions operate in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province.

You can read more details this afternoon on, but I thought I'd go ahead and spill the beans here for our faithful followers.

(Picture is of  a Soldier from the 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment...notice the MultiCam Camelbak)

-- Christian

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