Brazil's Blackout Soot or Cyber?



Yesterday parts of Brazil and Paraguay suffered some of the most serious electrical blackouts in 25 years, including the brief failure of a hydroelectric plant.

But officials there claim sabotage wasn't the culprit and release this incongruous statement:

Electricity system operators said that there was no evidence of sabotage and that the most likely cause was an unexplained atmospheric disturbance, like heavy rains or winds in the area. “The system is not fragile, it is one of the strongest and most secure in the world,” said Edison Lobão, Brazil’s energy minister.
Well, our cyber warrior Kevin Coleman isn't so sure:

WOW What a coincidence - isn't it?

Yesterday Brazilian officials rebuked 60 Minutes and their report that hackers caused electrical power disruption back in 2005 and 2007. Last night Brazil was hit AGAIN by a power Blackout - cause unknown!

12:22 GMT, Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Brazil blackout

A power blackout affecting large parts of Brazil has left millions of people stranded as underground railways, traffic lights, street lights and electric gates were hit.

I love all the discussion focused on how Kevin is essentially crying wolf. Sounds a lot like the naysayers who thought the hyperbolic rantings of a bunch of dudes wearing man dresses and living in caves were just that -- until they smashed two jetliners into massive buildings in the United States killing 3,000 Americans.

So, keep up the debate folks. And we'll keep tracking the "coincidences"...

-- Christian

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