Caught on Tape: JSF



Our friend Bob Cox at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram put his tin foil hat on and ran the gauntlet at Area 51 last week to snap this neverbeforeseen shot of an alien spacecraft from the Planet Blue.

Well, not exactly.

The intrepidest of intrepid JSF reporters snapped this photo of a carrier varient JSF on its way to drop testing at the Vought facility there in Texas.

Lockheed Martin folks tell us this aircraft is CG-1, a ground test model that was being hauled to Vought Aircraft's facilities for, get this, drop tests. Now that's a test I want to see.

So to dispel any conspiracy theories out there, there is no evidence to lead us to believe that this aircraft was flying over the rural areas and suddenly dropped in for an unscheduled visit. In fact, although the carrier version is designed for hard landings, this wasn't one.

Be sure to read the rest of his post and a JSF test update. And keep your eyes pealed. Maybe you'll catch the next JSF sighting at your local haunts.

(Gouge: BC)

-- Christian

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