Did Someone Move the Furniture Around?


Out with the old, and in with the new.

Change is good in the digital age, and while Defense Tech certainly hasn't adhered to the blogger's developmental equivalent of Moore's law, we're at the top of our game as far as content is concerned.

But now it's time to step it up a notch and give that killer content a format that befits its punch. So with great excitement and pride I welcome you to DT 2.0.

In this revamped version of the world's premier military technology blog, the changes are more than skin deep. Sure we have a new logo and layout, yes we preserved the scrolling nature of the 1.0 version, of course we kept all the categories you've grown to love (even legacy ones) and the colors and features are this-gen.

But more than that, we have expanded comments and discussion capabilities to feed your appetite for debate. We'll have features rolling in throughout the next few months that expand the blog's reach and provide richer, more vibrant content.

The site will be more secure (no more "Ugg" spam) and more agile to your feedback, so please consider yourselves a key part of Defense Tech's continued evolution.

Thanks, and enjoy the new site!

-- Christian

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