IMINT ALERT: Afghan Commando Trainers



Another awesome photo (HI REZ) sent to Defense Tech from an alert reader today. Looks like these are trainers for Afghan commando teams coming back from an op in the bush.

Where do I start...

All are wearing BDUs. What does that say about the UCP, or even MultiCam for that matter?

I think at least two of the Americans are weilding H&K 416s and one has P-mags. #2 is wearing cool moto patches. And the Afghan is clearly part of the commando unit based on his unit patch, but he also might be a medic.

There are more pics from Sgt. Teddy Wade at this link, including this one...I mean, again, you could have an IMINT field day with this one (HI REZ)...IMINT-afghan-commandos.jpg

(Gouge: RG)

-- Christian

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