Heat-finding Head on a Swivel


A French company with a U.S. partner has begun marketing its state-of-the-art surveillance system, in the U.S., and this week put it on display at AUSA in Washington.

The IR Revolution 360 is a thermal imaging camera that rotates rapidly and generates a complete 360-degree thermal image every second, according to Richard Pettegrew, chief executive officer with IEC Infrared Systems of Ohio, the American partner of HGH Infrared Systems. What that means, he said, is a continuous, real-time flow of thermal images.

And if thats not enough, you can load the system with motion detectors, range finders, and range locators to help detect a target and ID its location, Pettegrew said. The system can detect a person up to three kilometers away, and even while continuing to generate 360-degree images it can lock on to a fixed target for closer scrutiny, he said.

So you can find your target, you can assess it, and while youre doing that you have the benefit of persistent surveillance all the way around, he said.

According to SecurityInfoWatch.com, the IR Revolution 360 is the security industry's first 360-degree line-scan panoramic infrared camera.Here's some video footage:

-- Bryant Jordan

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