Swedish Military Looking for New Body Armor (sort of)



Ripped from the headlines at Military.com -- I think this is one we can all support...

Swedish female soldiers are demanding the military provide them with combat-tested bras, amid complaints that the sports bras they must buy themselves unhook too easily, officials say.

Unlike their male counterparts who are provided with military-issue underwear, Sweden's 500-odd women conscripts must buy bras themselves since there are no military-issue brassieres, according to the Council of Conscripts, a union-like organisation.

"The women have had to buy sports bras instead. But they are not tested for combat situations nor for fire safety, and they are not functional. They unhook too easily," Council spokeswoman Paulina Rehbinder told AFP.

She criticised the military for its lack of gender equality, in a country widely considered a pioneer in the field.

"This sends a signal to women. You should be able to come to your workplace and be provided with equipment that works and that is safe," she said.

"There have been women in the Swedish military for more than 30 years but bras have never been provided by the military," she lamented, noting however that the military gave conscripts money to buy their bras.

Best comment from Military.com readers "Swedish made bras unhook easily. Who would have ever guessed?"

I stand ready to lend a hand in the upcoming "combat tests"...any other volunteers?

-- Christian

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