SCARs in The 'Stan


An alert reader sent me a link to some footage of a DEA team in Afghanistan wearing some of the Gucciest high-speed gear I've ever seen in open sources.

But our friend noticed a shot with an operator firing some version of the SCAR. Now, I can't tell if its the Mk-16 or Mk-17 (though I think it's a 7.62mm 17) but it's for sure a SCAR. The weird thing is that the uniform is different from the other DEA agents. They're all wearing MultiCam and the SCAR shooter is wearing what looks to me like either the Marine Corps issued combat shirt in desert digital MARPAT, or the aftermarket BlackHawk! shirt that's part of the HPFU. Or maybe the guy's a special operator that's attached to the DEA unit.

Anyway, check out the video yourself and do some IMINT for us.

(Gouge: PC)

-- Christian

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