"Who is that guy?" Ask the T-UGS


Installment #2 here folks, this time it's the Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor. Basically it's a more robust version of the U-UGS we posted earlier that is designed to be placed in the field.

One commander I spoke with said he likes the idea and sees some use for it at a vehicle checkpoint, for example. With the camera trained on the driver or passengers, the image can be transmitted via the network to a commander's vehicle or the TOC and compared to an HVT database or a BOLO vehicle description. Rather than relying on the trooper at the checkpoint to do the forensics, the sensor can provide that link back to the head shed where more information lives.

The commander did say that, as with the U-UGS, this system still has a way to go in its ability to capture images quick enough and in a resolution high enough to really do the IMINT. Again, he said "it's giving me yesterday's news."

It's all part of the development, of course, and this is precisely what the limited user test is intended to do -- find those practical flaws and find ways to fix them.

(Video: CLowe)

-- Christian

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