Wed -- Fire for Effect


Number of US carriers going down, down, downSaddam's missing Air Force found in Serbia (and here I thought we had shot it all down)Hey so everyone's upgrading their nuclear arsenals but us...On my radar: FPRI's Webcast on Afghan Police Reform"...the enemy is not hiding, but they are in trenches, bunkers and fighting positions that extend into depth. The enemy owns the terrain."Cool: Carrier arresting gear gets a workoverVideo: Beats Wikipedia. Found this video while doing a search on the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale, the largest fight in Africa next to El Alamein. Much of it is stock footage (and some embarassing Top Gun T-38/MiG shots) and it's openly biased in favor of the SADF, but points for innovation and figuring out a way to work Manowar into an online history lesson. Exit question: who do you root for? Commies or apartheid South Africa?--John Noonan

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